Tapix Owl Bird Repellent Reflective Holographic Bird Deterrent Hanging Device Effectively Keep Birds Away 2 Pack Owl to Scare Away Birds 15.3 x 8.2 inch, Best Bird Scare Device

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  • BIRD DETERRENT- Life-sized holographic owl bird repellent device that reflects sunlight and emits sound to effectively scare birds away from the area. This owl bird deterrent will prevent birds from damaging your home, garden and valuable assets. Generally works for all types of birds. This bird scare device will help you eliminate and solve all your bird problems such as bird noises, bird droppings and nesting problems. Large sized owl bird repellent enough to refract light to any distance.
  • HUMANE SOLUTION- The owl bird deterrent device is made out of non-toxic plastic material that would not harm animals. This scare device product is very efficient and economically safe to use for either indoor or outdoor. This will prevent bird collisions and owl to scare away birds in a humane way by refracting light and producing sound. Works in all types of birds such as woodpecker, pigeon, etc.
  • YARD DECORATION- Garden owl bird repellent product is 15.3 x 8.2 inch large enough to get the bird's attention from afar. Very stylish holographic owl to scare away birds that fits anywhere to beautify it surroundings.
  • EASY TO USE- Easily hang the owl to scare away birds on your area in visible locations. Best to hang on proper positioning with direct sunlight and breeze. The bird repellent product has thick strings to easily hang it anywhere you want.
  • QUALITY PLASTIC OWL- The hanging owl bird repellent reflective is made of high-quality durable plastic and it’s weatherproof so you can always leave it outdoors. The product can be easily taken down and can be relocated wherever and whenever you want. The owl bird holographic comes with attached durable thick strings to prevent the product from blowing away with the wind.