Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring Electronics Mobile Phone Accessories compatible with Android IOS SmartRing Smart Watch (8#)

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  • Made of Germanium. It is a kind of rare metal and its content is only about 0.0007% in the earth's crust. It has superbly high health care efficacy, can improve the modern people comprehensive symptoms caused by the lack of exercise, working pressure and air pollution.
  • Only support Android and WindowsPhone which has NFC functiom(ex: Samsung, Huawei, millet,other NFC-enabled mobile phones some phones with NFC hardware may need ROOT to activate NFC function)
  • Cotopaxi volcanic magmatic. Thousands years of geological movement gives it striking ability, and enable it to have greater functions of relieving convulsion, soothing the nerves, calming the liver, improving ears and eyes, and relieving asthma than ordinary magnets.
  • ID Module/M1 Module/NFC Module for you to choose from. FIR Energy Stone. All materials extract from natural mineral ,so that can release more pure Far infrared ray , Scarlar Energy and negative ions .
  • Effectively improves the Krebs Cycle, Thus improves Energy , Endurance and Strength .It also can help peploe effectively resist the electromagnetic wave from computer ,phone or electrical appliance.