Elfirly Pro Dog Grooming Scissors, Straight Pet Grooming Shears, with Safety Round Tip, Ball Point for Easy and Safe use. | Premium Sharp Long Lasting Professional Hair Trimming Scissors

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Grooming Made Easy

No more spending a small fortune in pet grooming salons. These 5.5” ball point straight shears give you the power to transform your four-legged pal from scruffy to spiffy with a quick snip. Small size is perfect for face grooming, straight lines, and lovely finishing work. Rounded scissors are a must-have tool in any grooming kit. But unlike other safety point shears that painfully pull on hair or cut unevenly, we’ve designed ours with an extra-sharp edge. The result? Clean lines you’ll love and total comfort your furry buddy will appreciate. .

Standout Quality

We take great pride in creating grooming products that withstand the test of time. By combining premium stainless steel with experienced craftsmanship, we’ve continued this spirit of uncompromising quality through these safety round shears. The premium stainless steel never rusts, retains its edge for longer, and handles the toughest of coats. And no dealing with hand fatigue either. Every pair of grooming scissors comes with removable rubber inserts for comfortable padding, and a finger rest to make that task less strenuous. Go ahead, invest in dog and cat grooming scissors you’ll still be using years down the line.

Here’s why you’ll love these safety point shears: