Electronic Rodent Zapper –Effective, Humane Exterminating Mice Killer Electric Mouse Trap – Electronic Rodent Rat Shock Trap – No Poison Electric Pest Control Rat, Squirrel, Mice Mouse Zapper Traps

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  • ✅SMART CIRCUIT TECHNOLOGY – Protect your home with the most effective rat zapper ever! Recently upgraded for 2018, Pestrax’s innovative automatic technology eliminates escape attempts for good. Designed to detect when a rat or rodent enters the trap, it immediately administers a lethal 7000-voltage electric shock to stop pests in their tracks.
  • ✅OPERATE WITH EASE – Kiss confusing contraptions and expensive exterminators goodbye! You place the bait and Pestrax’s electric rat trap does the rest. Put peanut butter, nuts, or dry pet food in the trap, turn on with the safety-enhancing power switch, and let the trap do the zapping! Rats just can’t resist it!
  • ✅ THE NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVE – Rodents are already an inconvenience, so don’t let them kick you out of your home, too! Chemical rat poisons aren’t safe for you or your family. Avoid extra burdens and eliminate health hazards by trusting your Pestrax electronic mouse trap to safely and humanely eradicate rats and other vermin!
  • ✅ LIVE PEST & MESS FREE – Rodents carry disease, and ordinary rat, mouse, and squirrel traps leave gory remnants that put your family at risk. Shed the mess and opt for Pestrax’s hygienic electric rat traps, designed for safe disposal. Simply discard by turning over into the trash, then easily reset!
  • ✅LIFETIME WARRANTY – Thankfully, though your rats and other rodents will be dead, your warranty lasts for life. If there are any issues with your product, please contact customer service, and we’ll do what it takes to make things right. We aren’t satisfied until you are!