CKAuto 1/4oz, 0.25oz, Black, Adhesive Stick on Wheel Weights, EasyPeel Tape. Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, Low Profile, 60 oz/Box, U.S. OEM Quality, (240pcs)

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  • CKAuto brand Low Profile Black, U.S.standard and high quality is guaranteed. Providing safe tire system and safe driving.
  • lead-free 🍃 U.S. Premium adhesive wheel weights; CK U.S. made UltraStick white tape; CK EasyPeel makes the removal process more efficient
  • Designed segments allows for easier contouring to the wheel shape when installing
  • Perfect for wheel balancing, drapery curtain weights, various hobbies and crafts
  • Specifications: 1 segment: 1/4 oz 1 strip : 8 segments 1 box: 30 strips In total 1box=30strips=240segments=60oz