4-pack Insulated 16 Ounce Tumblers - Clear - Sweat Resistant - BPA-Free - Made in USA

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  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – you can see by the reviews on other insulated tumbler listings that they suffer from two fatal flaws – they get cloudy inside, and they break. These high quality Homestead Choice USA-made tumblers don’t suffer those problems.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL – these no sweat glasses are made of Tritan – a strong and superior material that won’t scratch, crack or leak – unlike the lower quality products made from regular plastic like acrylic. These insulated tumblers are BPA and Melamine free.
  • DISHWASHER, MICROWAVE and FREEZER SAFE – this 4-pack of insulated tumblers can be safely loaded into the top rack of your dishwasher, used in the microwave, or placed in the freezer.
  • MADE IN USA – we offer a great value product that just happens to be made in the USA – which means you support local employment, local industry and local manufacturing, instead of a foreign country. But, we don’t expect to win your business just by being USA-Made – we also know that we need to offer a great quality product at an unbeatable value, and we think we do that very well.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – under normal use, these high quality double-walled tumblers by Homestead Choice won’t break, crack, melt, shatter or chip. If they become defective during normal use, you may return them for a free replacement. That’s our guarantee.